Tangerine Entertainment Launch

01. February 2013

Tangerine Entertainment launched at Sundance!

It has been so much fun being part of "Team Tangerine"! Don't forget to check out the site for yourself tang-ent.com

Indiewire explains:

Industry veterans, Amy Hobby and Anne Hubbell are launching Tangerine Entertainment, a production company and community meant to support women directors and interesting and strong roles for women.

Tangerine’s website will promote work by women, link to relevant publications and keep readers updated on the news directed from Tangerine works in production. Readers will also be engaged with “Tangerine Movie Night,” to educate and encourage audience discourse through a suggested streaming film.

Both Hobby and Hubell are excited to create a community for women filmmakers.

Hobby says, “The imbalance created by the lack of gender parity offers an opportunity for Tangerine to take advantage of relevant stories and distinct voices found in this underserved work force.”

Hubbell adds, “Raising awareness for and cultivating community around female filmmakers will be unique and essential to the plan. Utilizing all social media tools and creating grassroots opportunities for personal interaction, Tangerine will cultivate a fan base, while simultaneously creating work for that audience.”

Both Hobby and Hubbell have over 20 years in the industry. Hobby has worked on producing many, many award winning films and has four that are in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art. Hubbell currently is the Sales and Marketing Director at Eastman Kodak and has experience in producing, festival programming and media consulting.

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